Please prayerfully consider making your donations of time, talent, and treasure for 2022.  Stewardship Sunday is November 21, 2021.

Download your pledge card.



We have been blessed in so many ways as a church family. Even as we faced the difficult times of the past 20 months, ministry at Cornerstone not only continued, but flourished. One of the best ministries that developed in response to the challenges was our online worship services.  When our doors were shut to our homes and even our church our staff (Elizabeth, Doreen, Will and Tory) quickly began work to broadcast our weekly services. They accomplished this with lightning speed, we missed not one Worship service!!! Today members and friends continue to join us live through our broadcast, keeping us connected whether we are near or far. As 2020 continued we even began to hold meetings and Bible studies online.

We were also blessed by your continued generosity. We were able to continue our support of our local mission projects. The Jackson Food Pantry, School supplies to Church World service, Christmas Gifts for families in need, and assisting our neighbor who had a house fire just to name a few.

We also continued our partnership with Villages Partnership.  In the villages in Malawi the Spirit of the Lord is at work. There have been   Communities who had their water rehabilitated. Over 19,000 chickens, vaccinated, securing a dependable  source of food.  Provided over 100 scholarships to students, completed the Secondary school! The clinics cared for close to 4,000 patients. The mission work happened because of the partnership we and congregations have formed with our brothers and sisters in Malawi through VIP.

As in the past our countless volunteers gave of themselves and continued to care for our church family. Our church school is now offered not only on Sundays, we have also made lessons available to do at home. Hats off to out Church School volunteers. Many other volunteers help to keep our property in good shape. Clean up crews, planting and watering crews work quietly behind the scenes. We have some of the best volunteers ever!

Over the last weeks we have been hearing stories of the faithfulness of others who gave with their heart to the work of our Lord in both Biblical times and in our midst. This Sunday is Stewardship Sunday. We are asking that everyone fill in our Pledge/Commitment sheet enclosed and bring it with you to Worship on Sunday.

Why Is Pledging/Commitment Important?

It is a sign of your trust in God’s provisions and a tangible commitment to His work through Cornerstone. It helps us better plan and budget, and allows us to know what level of support we can commit to Cornerstone mission partners.



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