Sunday School for Children and Youth

This spring, the elementary children will be learning from the We Believe Spring 2013 curriculum called “We Worship in the Spirit.”
The spring quarter begins with the continuation of the Lenten unit on the elements of worship, followed by the Palm Sunday, Passion, and Easter narrative. A unit on the Lord’s Supper, both in its biblical context and as our sacrament today, is studied. The theme of worship is continued with sessions on affirmations of faith and commissioning to serve. The quarter concludes with sessions on Pentecost and the new church community.

The Middle School Class has started a New Testament curriculum on “The Parables.”   Lessons include: Parables of the Kingdom (3 lessons), Parables of Forgiveness, Parables of the Love of One’s Neighbor, Parables of Praying, Parables of Self-Righteousness and Humility, Parables of the Cost of Discipleship, Parables of the Invitation of God, Parables of Repentance, Parables of the Importance of Preparing for the Future, Parables of Individual Responsibility.


Nursery: Courtney Miner

Young Elementary (K-3rd): Allyson Moyer and Kellie Pushko

Older Elementary (4-5th): Patti Miller

Middle School: Elizabeth Hughes and Kristen DiGirolamo


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