VIP Water Walk 2022

Support TEAM HARMONY as we join together to raise funds for Villages in Partnership and our brothers and sisters in Malawi, Africa!

Join or support our team by visiting our TEAM PAGE.

We will gather as a team in Allentown for the Water Walk on May 14th at 4 PM. We will walk through the town of Allentown, NJ (about a mile), then join together in fellowship with other teams for a picnic, live music, and updates on VIP’s work in Malawi.

For those who would like to take part in the Walking Challenge, we will log our miles walked from April 16 – May 14. Can we meet the challenge to walk 100 miles as a team, showing solidarity with the villagers who walk miles each day for fresh water? YES we can!

If you would like to support us or join our team, but cannot come to Allentown on May 14th – you can still watch the livestream on May 14th at 6 PM (link to be provided).

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