Please prayerfully consider making your donations of time, talent, and treasure for 2018.  

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Committing to Cornerstone

Every year in churches all over the country members are asked to pray and the decide what they will be able to commit to the ministry and mission of the church for the coming year.  The other day my daughter Lorna received her pledge card.  For those of you who do not Lorna, she is my middle daughter and is 26 years old, and was born with a rare chromosomal disorder.  She is on disability and works helping in a nursery school Monday through Friday.  Her resources are so limited that I thought at first why is she getting a pledge card?  However, I turned the card over and saw that you could write in the commitment to volunteer.  As I thought about it, Lorna perhaps gives the greatest amount to her church, more than any of our Pruner family.  She volunteers for the 2-year-old to 4-year-old church school classes on Saturday night, and two classes on Sunday.  On Tuesday she helps with the elementary fellowship and choirs. Then on Tuesday she helps with the preschool choir and fellowship.  Finally, she was invited to serve on the Special Education Ministry committee, where she is part of creating a welcoming environment for children and youth with special needs. Wow! I find myself amazed when I write it down.  Just one person, whose annual income is under $5,000.

Paul in his letter to the Corinthians was trying to help them understand that we are each members of one body through Christ.  We have different gifts, but not one gift is more important than another to the body.  In verses 17&18 Paul writes, “If the whole body were an eye, where would the hearing be? If the whole body were hearing, where would the sense of smell be? But as it is, God arranged the members in the body, each one of them, as he chose.” Every one of you are important to the working of the mission and ministry here at Cornerstone.  I pray that Lorna’s commitment inspires you to listen to where God may be leading you in the coming year.  2018 will be an exciting year as we settle into the Harmony Road church.  There will be new opportunities to serve and new missions and ministries to support through your financial commitment.  Only you and your family can discern with God’s help what you will be able to give.  On November 19, we will dedicate our pledges/commitments to God during worship. Please take time over the next few weeks to prayerfully consider what you bring to the Lord in 2018.

Enjoy the Convenience of  Electronic GivingElectronic Giving is A Simple and Convenient Way to Give: Consider signing up for electronic giving. Cornerstone relies on the financial support of the congregation and electronic giving offers an easy way to give on a recurring basis.  For more information, contact Elizabeth Hughes.  Visit the link above to sign-up today!


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